We Generate Leads for Business using Google My Business

We get leads for businesses using Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful new free service to drive leads and new clients to your business.

When one looks for a service such as “coffee shops in my area” you will often see an attractive display of the number one business on the right side, that is google my business.You may also have noticed that near the top of the page there are a section of 3 businesses displayed in google maps.

This is called the 3-pack and it is valuable to have your business listed there. 30% of web searches end up clicking on one of those businesses. 40% of searches click on one of the organic results listed under the map.

Many businesses have not even claimed their own google my business listing, and it is sitting there empty. It is worthwhile to claim this spot, and to optimize your listing to get the maximum views.

This includes putting in your business details, posting pictures and making regular posts to your google my business listing. A post goes straight to the google index, but they expire in 7 days, so it is important to make weekly postings on topics important to your business, and that people are searching for. It is also critical to claim and configure your google my business website that is offered for free.

If this seems like a bit much work, or something you do not have time for, we are here to help. We have the strategies and tools to keep your google my business listing growing and on track.

We charge for our service, but it would be our expectation that your business directly benefits more in dollars from our work than the cost.

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