How Often do I Need to Post to Google My Business?

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How Often do I Need to Post to Google My Business?

At first glance, the Google My Business platform may simply appear another path for your business to get some “real estate” in local searches. Despite the fact that this is one of the fundamental reasons you ought to make a Google My Business listing, it can likewise serve as a powerful, free advertising tool with the potential to funnel clients to your site and store.

First released in 2016 to add more content to the Google My Business platform, posting allows you to impart valuable information to your audience up front without entering into a bidding war for promotion space. Dynamic posting on Google is a powerful method to promote your business in interesting new ways.

How often should I post on Google My Business?

Google My Business posts expire in 7 days.

Many businesses post once every day and have seen great results along with better rankings. Google will look positively on organizations that use Google more frequently.

In any case, remember that the latest Google post shows prominently in a search, so if there is some sale or significant news that you need individuals to see, it might be a smart thought to not have another post for the following 6 days. Generally that post will be hidden behind the more current posts.

How to Create Effective Google My Business Posts

Google currently gives you the ability to add free posts directly to your listing on Google Search and Maps. You can utilize the posts for many purposes, to announce upcoming events, share interesting news, highlight new items and services, or communicate your special offers. It’s free, simple, as well as a highly visible approach to highlight all the incredible things happening with your business.

Before you begin posting to Google

Before you begin focusing on Google My Business posts, ensure you have a solid profile to begin with. An optimized Google My Business listing will build your visibility, getting your posts before relevant searchers.

Different Types of Google My Business Posts

The initial step to making an incredible Google My Business post is choosing the correct configuration for the information you need to convey. Google allows you to create 4 distinctive post types relying upon what your objective is, and numerous posts can be live in the meantime. Here are the four unique sorts of posts you can publish on Google:

What’s New

Utilize this sort of post to highlight whatever’s new with your business. Or on the other hand use it to give prospective clients more data about what makes your business so remarkable. You can’t set a time period for news posts, and they will automatically expire following 7 days. Customary posts about your business will make your listing considerably more interesting to prospective clients.


Presently you can promote your upcoming and recent events directly on your Google listing in Search and on Maps. It’s an extraordinary method to tell your clients and potential clients what’s going on at your business and increase their interest. Like offers, you’ll have to set the time-frame for your occasion, which might be multi day, a month or longer.


Offers ought to be utilized for limited time promotions. Upload a photograph or video to boost your message and attract attention to it. You’ll have the options to set up your promotion for online redemption, or with a coupon code for in-store visits. You’ll have to indicate the time period for your offer, which is the time the offer will be live on Google.


Need to broadcast any new items or services you are promoting? Begin a buzz by showing a picture of what you offer, and  a description and price range. Item posts expire in 7 days.

When to Use Which Post

The correct sort of Google My Business post will vary depending upon what you’re attempting to accomplish. In case you are launching another item or running a special promotion, the “Offer” post would fit the context of the information best. Then again, in case you are hoping to build brand awareness and offer general information, the “What’s going on” post type can enable you to keep awareness of your business. Since the content contained in each post will be unique, it’s a good idea to spend some time studying and testing the different post types so you have a understanding of what they will look like and which ones enable you to reach your objectives quickest.

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